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Established in the 1970s in Karachi, the business hub of Pakistan, Banaras Silk Emporium is a brand of bridal clothing which is synonymous to quality and eye appeasing style. Over the years, we have developed our own unique style , reflecting the ancient traditions of Pakistani craftsmanship in contemporary vocabulary. Our dresses have a fusion of different craftsmanship like silk, block printing ,hand embroidery to name a few.
Catering to the modern woman who just wants functionality in her dress , Banaras Silk Emporium has an eye on international fashion and makes accessible clothes which don't just look divine but also feel fantastic.
Each piece is unique and produced in a limited quantities to ensure individuality and exclusivity. Never outre or typical, a Banaras Silk Emporium outfit can be worn by women of any age with equal panache.

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Shop# 4, Mateen Center, Tariq Road Karachi, Pakistan.